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PATENTISA is able to handle your patents in Brazil and all around the world.

- Inventions, utility models and certificates of addition;

- Filing of domestic and international patents;

- Preparation and filing of national phase (in Brazil) of PCT application;

- Requests for technical examinations for inventions, utility models and utility certificates of addition;

- Inventions annuities, utility models and certificates of addition;

- Holder transfer, data changing, demands and unfiling of requests;

- Dispatch of Letter Patent and request for a duplicate;

- Surveillance, information and research for previous registrations of patents,

- Management of international patent portfolios;

- Preparation of reports and descriptive sketches of high technical quality;

- Technical grants and subsidies (oppositions to patents of third parties);

- Fulfillment of technical requirements;

- Comparative Technical Reports;

- Studies and opinions on the feasibility of product patents and industrial processes;

- Technical Reports for Extralegal Notifications;

- Consultancy and technical assistance in the analysis of new product development, given existing technologies, aiming not to infringe technology patented by others;

- Translations of technical documents;

- Technical reviews for patent translations. 

Below is the flowchart of a patent in INPI - National Institute of Intellectual property (Office of Intellectual property of Brazil):


Patent Flowchart