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I, José Carlos, am a professional who has graduated in Media & Broad Communication by ESPM – Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (School of Advertising and Marketing) and Law at the Paulista University - UNIP. Throughout my studies, I have acquire some good knowledge in the 1980s concerning intellectual property specially related to solving problems for a variety of clients regarding to trademarks and innovations.

I have soon realized that they needed something more than protect and register their trademarks. They needed a special advisory; they needed a professional who could carefully examine their problems involving intellectual property and guide them in order to obtain their complete success.

Putting together all my knowledge, I have envisioned the creation of a company completely focused on customer needs, offering a clear and continuous communication. With the support of clever partners, it would be deployed a proper service, differentiated, which could dedicate time and care to find the best tools to accomplish high quality in performing our service, which is performed dynamically and with a fair price.

Thus, there has been founded PATENTISA PATENTS AND TRADEMARKS, a company formed by professionals from many different areas of expertise, with the aim to protect and defend the trademarks and innovations of your company.

There have been 31 years caring for trademarks, patents, industrial designs, geographical indications, computer program, circuit topography (which, by the way, are all subjects that concern to the greater field of law related to intellectual property), in Brazil and in all countries of the world.

Our publicity through those years was made entirely through referrals, made by friends, colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers and employees in Brazil and all around the world. These people have presented our work to one another

Now, we invite you to know us, in order to become a satisfied customer, in a company dedicated to and concerned with your success.

José Carlos Ferreira

Founder of Patentisa