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PATENTISA handles your trademarks in Brazil and all around the world.

- Trademarks, logos and distinctive signs;

- Requests for records of national and international trademarks;

- Payments concerning the first decades;

- Renewals for trademarks;

- Revocations of third-party shares in trademarks (Oppositions, Administrative Proceedings of Nullities and Forfeitures);

- Demonstrations and appeals before the Intellectual property Offices and International Organizations around the world;

- Transfers, change of names or addresses, fulfillment of requirements;

- Appointment, destitutions or substitution of attorney(s);

- Surveillance, information and research for previous registrations of trademarks;

- International management of trademarks portfolios.

Below is the flow chart of an application for a trademark in INPI - National Institute of Intellectual property (Office of Intellectual property of Brazil):

Trademark Flowchart