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PATENTISA handles your legal rights in Brazil and all around the mundo.

 “The most important mission of our legal department is to provide excellent services in the field of Intellectual property, Intellectual Rights and Corporate Law.”

In the administrative field, we are able to draw oppositions, demonstrations, replicas, clarifications, cancellation of administrative acts, claims and defenses of forfeitures, compliance requirements and everything else concerning the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights as well as the filing of Extralegal Notifications. 

In the judicial field, we promote precautionary search and seizure; common shares abstaining from performing acts complained of, with a view to compensation, damages, shares cancellation of patents models, designs and trademarks. We also proceed with the annulment of administrative acts along with the National Institute of Intellectual property; we allow opinions, consultations, evaluations, defenses and everything else concerning the protection of rights of industrial and intellectual property. 

Negotiation and drafting of industrial and intellectual property, usage of trademarks and patent exploitation. 

Development of opinions, so that the customer can take a broad view of the subject asked, making the right decision in conducting their business.